Hostmonster Web Hosting Review

For those of you, out there, who are looking for a cheap and reliable web hosting service provider, Hostmonster is the way to go. Hostmonster is a company that hosts over 350,000 domains and provides individuals and businesses unmatched web hosting services; at very affordable prices. With unlimited spaces on disks, free domain name, features that enable one to manage many email accounts, as well as softwares that enable one to create and manage website from the many free templates and the cpanel-, Hostmonster Hosting has gained much popularity.

Hostmoster features

Some of the most enticing features about Hostmonster Hosting include the fact that users have as much disk space as they wish to use and can therefore install as many programs as they wish, reliable speeds, one year’s free domain name, softwares that enable users to create their own websites easily- since they have templates and use drag and drop features, the cpanel (control panel) that enables users to effectively manage the websites they have created, an enticing $100 Google advertising offer, access to file transfer protocol (FTA), online stores that are free- enabling one to sell their products online-, etc.

Other features

Host monster also provides email services; allowing one to have over 5000 email accounts and respond, forward or run emails that are web based. Oscommerce, Agora Shopping Cart and shared SSI are some of the free stores that one can sell their products online supported by Hostmonster Web Hosting. For more update on Host Monster features, read this review.

Hostmonster Pricing

Hostmonster Hosting is one of the cheapest services any one can use. Their charges are as low as $6.95 per month for a subscription made for two years while $7.95 per month is charged if one pays annually. This price can however be reduced to $4.95 if one orders online. Better still, Host Monster currently has a discount offer that reduces the above prices to $3.95 if one redeems the Hostmonster coupons on offer. Redeeming and activating a Hostmonster Coupon is easy as all one is required to do is click on the provided coupon link; which goes to the main page and the coupon is activated. The coupon allows one to enjoy all the free and existing services of the Host Monster just as full prices do. It is, however, important to note that, once the discount period for the coupons expire, one will not be able to redeem their coupons- if they didn’t do so when the offer was valid- and they will be charged the full price if they try to redeem those coupons after the expiry date of the offer.

Money back guarantee

Unlike other web hosting providers who can not guarantee their services, thus are not willing to risk offering money back guarantee, Host Monster guarantees a 30 days full refund of customers money if they do not get satisfied with the services or a technical hitch occurs.

Supported OS

All computers, phones and other gadgets that have either of the following operating systems are supported by Hostmonster Web Hosting: Mac, Windows and Mac among others.

Customer service

Hostmonster has round the clock customer service availed through toll free telephone lines and support tickets.

Hostmonster gets its major competition from Bluehost and Hostgator. Hostgator review is available here. For more info on Bluehost features and solution, check out this website. Also look at this super cheap Bluehost coupon code page.